Why Family Day Care Is Best For Younger Children

It can sometimes feel as though there are a thousand different types of childcare providers out there, with each having their own unique twist that could make them better, or worse, for your child. So how do you know which one would be best for what you are looking for? When it comes to younger children, you should be looking for a more personal, softer touch from a provider that understands and is more patient with toddlers and young kids, which is exactly why you should consider family daycare first and foremost. Here are a few reasons why family daycare is better for small kids.

Smaller Groups

The simple fact of the matter is that smaller children require more attention and care to make sure that they do not do something silly and accidentally hut themselves. They are accident-prone machines that can sometimes feel as though their sole purpose is to keep you on your toes to protect them. With smaller groups, the chances of a child doing something silly that is not seen are very low. This provides a safer environment not just for your child but for all of the rest of the children who are at that family daycare as well.

Personal Connection

Younger children need a more friendly and warm touch, especially considering that it is very likely their first relationship with a human outside of their immediate family. Family daycare places are very gentle for all sorts of kids, whether they are loud and boisterous or shy and reserved. That is because these daycares are run out of the carer's own home. That means it feels a lot more secure to children who are more familiar with a home environment rather than an academic one that many childcare places resemble. If you want your kid to enjoy going to daycare then family daycare should be your primary choice. 

More Flexible

Because a family daycare is run by just a few people, out of one of their own homes, there is a lot more flexibility when it comes to hours. Of course, you should always talk to the carer before you dump a kid on them for an extra few hours, but as long as there is clear communication, often, a carer will be happy to look after a child for a bit longer. This is crucial for those who have full-time jobs or other responsibilities that can sometimes eat into their time spent with their kids. 

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