Key Qualities of a Great Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten is a crucial stage in your kid's academic development. It's at this stage that your child is introduced to formal education and gets to learn new skills like counting letters, drawing, colouring, letter sounds and so on. Kindergarten teachers play a critical role in this transition, and that's the reason why you should ensure your child's teacher is one of the best the industry can offer. But how will you know this? This post shares the top characteristics of an outstanding kindergarten teacher.


When children join kindergarten, they need to feel happy and comfortable. Teachers are required to create a warm and welcoming environment to connect with the children and keep them engaged even though they have different traits. A creative teacher will not have a difficult time when dealing with preschoolers. They'll make the learning exciting so the young ones can have an excellent time regardless of their backgrounds. Even limited resources or a controlled environment will not prevent them from attaining their daily goals of ensuring that the children learn in a fun way.


Kindergarten teachers do a lot of work in school. They need to make sure that each child participates in class and sort minor issues amongst the children, including other responsibilities. They also have to teach kids new songs and chants and still remain active all day long irrespective of the exhaustion. Due to this, it is vital for the teacher to have high energy all day long. Such teachers know how to keep up the spirit and stay motivated so the children can respond favourably.


Another trait kindergarten teachers must have is patience. Young ones tend to be very unpredictable, especially now that they are learning new things. They might decide to test their tutor's endurance regularly by being disruptive or overly distracted. This often occurs when the kids get hungry, sick, tired or they just don't want to learn anymore. When this happens, the teacher is supposed to remain calm and create a new plan to handle the issue at hand. Sometimes they might need to adjust the entire lesson plan for the rest of the day, and this can be frustrating. A good teacher will be patient with the kids and take control of the situation.

This trait also comes in handy when teachers are dealing with parents. Some parents can be difficult to deal with, especially when they are frustrated or upset, but teachers have to be composed as they explain how things are run.

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